Video Conversions

I recently converted my parents' VHS tapes and found this moment. Me clapping from being so excited on Christmas morning in 1993. I'm so thankful that my parents documented so many special moments of our lives and they were thankful that I was able to transfer and save them.

In the process I discovered some had become corrupted. This happens due to changes in humidty from where they're stored and changes in the temperature from season to season. These tapes are fading as each day goes on and now we at Vixel Video are on a mission to save them.

We can help keep your memories for generations to come

  • $20 per VHS/VHS-C Tape
  • Will be given (1) DVD and (1) digital file download for each tape
  • Local only (Cincinnati/Northern KY/Dayton)
  • 1-2 week turnaround time average (more tapes = more time)


What formats can you convert from?

Currently we are only converting VHS and VHS-C tapes. Interested in converting another form of media? Let us know.

Can you convert pictures?

Not yet but soon! If you are interested please contact us and let us know and we can contact you when we offer picture scanning.

Why local only?

Other services offer to have you pack up your tapes and ship them off. We feel this is very...bad. Tapes are already fragile and we want to personally pick up and give back your tapes to ensure nothing gets damaged.

Do you have to sit there and watch through all my tapes?

The process we use is that we let the tape get started, watch just for a little bit to make sure the tape isn't damaged and then let it record on its own.

What are you titling the digital file and DVD?

The digital file name and title written on the DVD will be whatever is written on the VHS Tape. If you would like a different title please let us know upon receiving the tapes.

How is the digital file given to me?

The files will be uploaded to a private service and you will be emailed a download link to each tape conversion.

What if I want some things saved off the tape but not all of it?

We can edit and trim out parts that are not needed. Just let us know when you give us the tapes or after we send over the digital files for review what parts need edited.

What if the tape is full? Can it all fit on one DVD?

If the tape contains a full 6 hours of content (was the max at the time a VHS could contain) then it will still only be one digital file but we will split it into two DVD's if needed at no extra charge.

Do you fix broken tapes?

Yes! We're capable of splicing tape and will do our best attempt at fixing a tape, if we're unsuccessful there is no charge for that particular tape or tapes.

I've got a tape with me wearing a fanny pack and I have a mullet can you delete this memory forever?

Unfortunately no, this will continue to be brought up at all your family gatherings but as stated above we can trim and edit the footage to your liking.

Will you tell our spouse that I recorded over our wedding with an episode of the Simpsons?

Your secret is safe with us.

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