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Everyone is on social media, including your competitors. People scroll through their feed and are bombarded with information, how will your business stand out from everyone else? Look what this survey done by Microsoft in 2015 found:

"In a 2015 study conducted by Microsoft that surveyed 2,000 people and monitored the brain activity of 112 additional people using electroencephalograms (EEGs), it was observed that the average human attention span is rapidly declining. In the year 2000, we could boast of having an attention span of 12 seconds. Not anymore; the Microsoft study revealed that we now have an attention span of eight seconds–making our attention span shorter than that of a goldfish (at nine seconds)." -Adweek.com

We believe we have a solution: Vixel Clips. Vixel Clips are short, 20-30 second videos that are meant to be posted on social media. Quick little videos that immediately grab your followers attention. Think of them as re-usable videos that can be posted on your accounts whenever you'd like to highlight a certain aspect of your business. Oh and did I mention that they're cheaper than our other normal length videos?


  • Super short 20-30 second video clips to post on social media
  • We can help with ideas on what areas of your business you'd like to highlight
  • Digital download so you can upload the files directly to your social media accounts

  • Pricing:
  • Disclaimer: Pricing subject to change for more involved Vixel Clips projects
  • $99 each clip (Limited time launch price!)
  • $399 Weekdays Pack (5 clips, $100 off! Limited time launch price!)

  • It would be a pleasure to work with you to achieve your vision! Contact us today to get started.
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